How to Deal with Ourselves During Stressful Situation

Many times we have to come to realize that life doesn’t always turn out the way we want. That’s the truth, and sometimes the truth is painful.

We do the jobs we don’t like, work with ignorant or dominated colleagues, have a dictator boss, have unbearable workloads, do not have enough money to fulfill daily needs, have selfish partner, the family who doesn’t support us, and many other examples.

What makes it worse is when we have given our best, many efforts have been made, yet the results don’t show good signs.

I’ve been through that kind of situation. It made me realize that a dream does come true, but so does a nightmare. The accumulation of those situations dragged me into stressful conditions. It was like – hopeless.

How to deal with ourselves in stressful situation |
How to deal with ourselves in stressful situations | Photo by Teddy / Rawpixel

How Did I Deal with That?

That wasn’t easy at all. What made it hard? Seemed like the situation didn’t get any easier. And what made it even harder? Myself – the way I respond to all those situations.

Many of us have the same situation. We’re in the same boat. We dislike ourselves, blame the condition, blame other people, or regret our decisions.

But if we keep doing that, we won’t go anywhere. We’re going to be stuck forever. Is that what we want? If your answer is no, then we must start from where we are. How?

1. Accept Yourself

No one is perfect. Even the brightest person in this world still has a dark side. Those perfect-look people with perfect-look life you see on your social media, only show you what they want to show and what they want you to know. And it’s always the bright side of their life.

I know it may be intimidating or makes us jealous. But you don’t have any idea what they have been through or the pain they have to accept to get there.

If beauty is what matters, there should be no divorce or breaking-up in the relationship of a perfect couple. If wealth is important, there should be no suicide committed by rich people.

If perfection is what they have, those who look perfect will stay right where they are. No need to post anything to catch other people’s attention, or to get other people’s acceptance. But the facts show otherwise.

So, accept yourself, your flaws, your imperfections. They are a part of you.

It’s okay to make mistakes, to feel weak, to be sad, to feel upset, to feel bored, to get down. Feel it, but don’t stay there. Those are parts of life. So, you’ve got to move on.

Accept the whole you, the bright side, and the dark side. The only person that can help you is yourself.

2. Let Go What’s Beyond Your Control

Sometimes life can be unfair. There are people who don’t like us no matter how kind we are or how good the things we’ve done. Some people don’t treat us as we expect them to. There are also things that don’t work how we hope them to. And those are normal.

Those happen in our lives. Those are things beyond our control. We can’t force someone to like us. We won’t be able to turn back time. We can’t expect life to always be nice to us. Life is the day and the night, the ups and downs, the “hello” and “goodbye”. It keeps going on in a circle.

Accept your journey. Accept everything that happens in your life. Those things make you who you are, make you stronger and better than before.

3. Start with What You Have

The best time is now. If you want to start something to have a better life to be a better version of yourself, start it right now. Do you want to make up your long-abandoned relationship with certain people? Do it now. Call them.

Do you want to start your own business? Do it now! Start your plan. Do you want to be more productive? Start with making your bed, now. Now is the only time we have. And, we don’t know how long “now” we have in this life.

The best person you need to start anything with is yourself. The place where you should be is starting from where you are right now. You’ve got everything in you, so take the chance, now. The stressful situation won’t go away if you don’t do anything about it. The decision is on you

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